Fifty Shades Freed - A Review by Diana Thompson

We sent our resident romance expert and passion fan Diana Thompson off to the flicks this week to catch up on the final instalment in the Grey series, 'Fifty Shades Freed'. Diana is an acclaimed romance writer in her own right, and you can now grab a free ebook from her, plus exclusive discounts to all of her titles!

Finally I have had the pleasure of viewing the much anticipated third movie Fifty Shades Freed in the E L James trilogy Fifty Shades Of Grey.
Apart from Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses I don’t think any other book has caused quite so much vigorous discussion amongst the population as Fifty Shades of Grey, nor done the unforgiveable and re-invigorated the romance genre as a whole.
Love it or hate it, there certainly seems to be no middle ground. Most haters I have spoken to have only read part of the first book. They haven’t read all three and therefore simply do not get the story E. L. James is portraying. I for one have loved the trilogy and have read every book, seen each movie and have now read the Grey series, which is essentially the same story, but from Christian’s point of view. Quite an interesting concept that as a writer I can fully appreciate.
Having enjoyed the first two movies, I wondered how the screenplay writers would be able to tie all the plots together within the given timeframe. Well! I can clearly say that the director and writers have done a wonderful job. I absolutely hate watching movies that bear very little resemblance to the written book and I must say that in all three Fifty Shades movies, the picture reflects the story exactly. Very satisfying.
Once again the story is beautifully filmed, especially the intimate sex scenes which have a wonderful, sensual quality about them. I may be wrong, however we appear to see a lot more of Jamie Dornan completely naked this time around, which is by no stretch a burden to bear. The important story lines are all covered and tied up nicely by the climax of the film.
Much has been written about Jamie Dornan and his portrayal of Christian Grey. Whatfifty-shades-freed we all need to remember is that Christian is not only emotionally damaged but emotionally repressed as well. He needs complete control over every aspect of his life. He has essentially no friends and is surrounded by people he employs from whom he remains emotionally distant. He is emotionally remote from his family and has never cried or enjoyed being hugged. As his brother Elliot states in the movie, Christian marries his first girlfriend - Anastasia. I truly think Jamie portrays Christian well. I mean hell, he isn’t this happy outgoing guy!
Dakota Johnson was also a good match for Anastasia. She has an inherent innocence about her and we have watched her grow in strength from the first movie. She really holds the power in the marriage in this last film. Even Christian states in one laugh out loud part that she’s “scary”. There are three or four very amusing parts that had the audience doing exactly that. I loved the montage close to the end of the movie, we the story is wrapped up beautifully. It was a fitting end to an entertaining evening at the movies.
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