Praise for 'As the Lonely Fly'

For Pity Sake’s latest title, As the Lonely Fly by Sara Dowse, is set to be released in June 2017. Review copies of this phenomenal work were sent to a distinguished list late last year and recently we’ve received several, very positive responses. Robert Hefner, Literary Editor of the Canberra Times (1988-2000) had this to say: 

"Twenty-five years in the making, As the Lonely Fly represents the distillation of Sara Dowse’s talent. It is a work that unfolds with beauty and depth, magnificently imagined, sweeping in its scope and scale, like a classic Russian novel. This is writing of international importance, never sentimental, always in control, even in the passages that reveal evil at its basest and most banal. A poignant insight into the lives of three women whose personal lives are entwined in the creation of the modern Israeli state, As the Lonely Fly is, above all, an impassioned cry for humanity to heed the call of those still being displaced from their homelands."

 As the Lonely Fly is now available for pre-release purchase from our store. Order your copy now to ensure you're one of the first to receive this astonishing novel hot off the press this June.