For Pity Sake Publishing proudly launches new podcast!

If you’re a regular subscriber to the blog, you may have already noticed some new and shiny posts popping up in our feed. We’re proud to announce that we’ve officially launched the For Pity Sake Publishing podcast, and it’s off to a great start. You can download it now, for free, and receive an entire audiobook.

 In our first episode, we talk to Jennifer McDonald, the CEO and founder of For Pity Sake Publishing. In our recently launched second episode, we begin unveiling Vegetarian Vampires, Jen’s stunning first work on the teachings of Deepak Chopra. We’ll be putting a new chapter up every week, so subscribe now to receive the entire audiobook for free!

 You can find the podcast episodes through our normal blog feed (as you’re reading now). But you can also find us on iTunes. Just click here. We think the podcast will be the perfect companion to your daily commute, walk, or quiet time. Stay tuned for more interviews with writers, publishing news, and other goodies.

 If you’d like to buy a physical copy of Vegetarian Vampires, check out our store.