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Essential Podcasts for Writers

The romantic myth of the writer composing in solitude is only partly accurate. No great works are created in a vacuum, and a bout of creativity doesn't necessarily mean you have to separate yourself from the rest of the world. Podcasts and internet radio are a fantastic way to link up with the writing community at large, and can provide a few shots of inspiration from people who have tread the treacherous path of writing and publishing before.

With that in mind, here are a few of our favourites episodes.

Nigel Newtown on Conversations with Richard Fidler Listen to the man responsible for publishing Harry Potter, how his company changed amidst the wild success, and what publishers look for in new manuscripts.

Listen on the web here, or look for the episode on iTunes.

Elizabeth Gilbert on Conversations with Richard Fidler Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest release Big Magic, is a manifesto on art and creativity. This conversation with Richard is a wonderful ode to creativity and fantastic inspiration for anyone stuck in the mud.

Listen on the web here or look for the episode on iTunes.

Krissy Kneen on Mentor Yes, cheating, this is me interviewing the wonderful Krissy Kneen on my own podcast, BUT the conversation is extremely helpful for writers. Krissy talks openly about finding her voice, finding a publisher and how she navigates creativity.

Listen on the web here or look for the episode on iTunes.

Charlotte Wood on Adelaide Writers Week 2016 Just this week Charlotte picked up the Stella Prize, the literary award which celebrates Australian women’s writing. Her remarkable novel The Natural Way of Things is a must read. Charlotte’s a wonderful speaker and inspirational voice for writers at all levels. As well as this episode, you might want to check out her acceptance speech at the Stella Awards, truly heart-warming for any writer. 

Listen on the web here or on iTunes. Note: the podcast has a whole swag bag of great conversations from the recent Adelaide Writers’ Week. Worth a listen!

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