Love Story

Unbridled Passion

Let us tell you about Nick, the sexy vet. Last year, Diana Thompson released her stunning debut romance novel Winterflood’s Passion. Raunchy and immensely readable, the book created a loyal fandom hungry for more. Diana always knew the characters had lives larger than what she provided in that first work. So it is with a great deal of pleasure that For Pity Sake Publishing is able to announce the release of Unbridled Passion, the next book in the Bowral series, arriving on shelves with plenty of time for Christmas.

Readers of Winterflood’s Passion will remember Nick, the unlucky vet who missed out on our heroine Charlotte. Unbridled Passion focuses squarely on picking up his story. Because the protagonists are different from that of the first book, you needn’t have read Winterflood’s Passion to enjoy Unbridled Passion. Indeed, they can be read in any order. But readers of Winterflood’s Passion will be very pleased to know that Charlotte and Daniel definitely make an appearance.

As a hero, Nick is everything a romance reader could want. Sensitive, gorgeous and a keen animal lover. When Jordana Talbot arrives in town, however, their two personalities clash. What happens over the ensuing pages, however, is a must-read for any lover of romance. Unbridled Passion still has all the high drama and intriguing characters of Winterflood’s Passion, but it’s an even raunchier read.

Due for official release late August 2016, you can pre-order Unbridled Passion now and delivery’s on us! Click here.