Writing of International Importance

‘A work that unfolds with beauty and depth, magnificently imagined, sweeping in its scope and scale, like a classic Russian novel. This is writing of international importance.’

Robert Hefner, Literary Editor, the Canberra Times, 1988–2000


As the Lonely Fly is the story of three Russian-Jewish women and the varied trajectories of their lives after the fall of the tsar - an epic story of persecution, migration and dispersal. Dowse’s novel shines a light on the intertwined fates of Jews and Palestinians – a scenario with deep contemporary resonance.

Earlier this year I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to proof-read As the Lonely Fly. For me, this work illuminated a turbulent period of world history that had previously only been a blip on my radar. Although we studied the Arab-Israeli crisis in high school history, the full scope of this complex and seemingly unending struggle was something we never truly delved into. Dowse’s work brought to light so many facets and elements that all played fundamental roles in creating such a vast and contentious global issue.

The book has already begun to receive fantastic reviews, one of which comes from Sue Terry of Whispering Gums. Terry writes “issues are turned into stories that engage us, while simultaneously raising our consciousness”, read the whole review here.

As the Lonely Fly will be released in June to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, which is when the book starts. The books launch is taking place at Gleebooks on the 24th of June, officiated by Australian academic and historian, Lyndall Ryan. Click here to RSVP if you wish to partake in this exciting event!

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