We’re for writers (and readers)

Do you have an unpublished manuscript that you’d like someone to read and critique? Or are you ready to get published but don’t know how to go about it?
Wherever you are in your publishing journey, For Pity Sake is here to help.


Manuscript Appraisal Service

 So, you’ve written a manuscript…what now?  You might have even sent it out to all and sundry and received no response. We aim to fix that! Our Manuscript Appraisal Service is gaining praise from all who use it. It’s a unique approach, using real readers to provide valuable feedback on your manuscript quickly, easily and at very little cost. We accept all forms of the written word – poetry, children’s, short stories, novellas, fiction and non-fiction manuscripts so click here if you’re ready to submit your manuscript today.

“Everything that was in the report I definitely needed to see and I’m feeling really inspired because of it.” – Shayne

Professional Editing Services

For Pity Sake Publishing has a small team of professional, experienced editors who are ready to take your work to the next level. Our team features editors with Doctorate level qualifications in professional writing, plus experience on a range of titles, from Miles Franklin shortlisted works to young adult to erotica. Often, the editorial process can be the start of a discussion that may lead to publication.

Prices for a full edit begin at $1,000.

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 A Helping Hand For INdie Authors

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We don’t believe indie authors should have to go it alone. If you’re ready to leap into whole independent publishing thing but feel you need some experienced guidance, For Pity Sake would love to help. We can design an affordable, customised ‘collaboration’ package just for you, depending on your needs. This might include: 

  • Professional editing, proof-reading and respectful consultation on the direction of your work.

  • Design and internal layout to make your work stand out in the crowd.

  • Ebook production and distribution to all major outlets including Amazon Kindle, Kobo, GooglePlay and Apple Books. 

  • Managing production and Print on Demand distribution via the IngramSpark platform. 

  • Audiobook narration, production (.mp3 CD and downloadable) and distribution to places like Audible, Barnes and Noble Nook and GooglePlay via the Findaway Voices audiobook distribution platform. 

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Become a Reader

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 Our Manuscript Appraisal Service needs real readers! We’re always looking for people who share our interest in encouraging new authors. And the best bit is you get paid to provide feedback.  Find out more and register your interest now!