My Big Breast Adventure (Print)


My Big Breast Adventure (Print)


“I’m sorry to say you have breast cancer – an Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma to be exact,” said her doctor delivering the tough news right before Christmas 2013. “And there’s three ways we deal with breast cancer – cut, poison and burn.”

Such was the start of Jennifer McDonald’s ‘Big Breast Adventure’, the name she gave to a series of blogs penned while going through two years of treatment. My Big Breast Adventure or How I Found the Dalai Lama in My Letterbox is a compilation of these posts, hailed as a must read for anyone facing a life or health crisis and those who care for them.

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Excerpt from the Foreword

Jen McDonald sailed confidently into my office in February 2014.   She’d just recovered from surgery for breast cancer and her head was pre-shaved, ready for any chemo I might order. But, she was there first to negotiate time out to go on a health retreat.  That’s the sort of lady Jen is…

No patient going through cancer just wants ‘support’.  At best, they would like the huge, scary roller-coaster called ‘treatment’ to stop and let them off. At least, they would like to meet someone else on the ride who can give words to the experience and make some sense of it all. Jen McDonald is that person.  Now a book, My Big Breast Adventure is the story of how she – with help from friends, fallible professionals and oodles of heart-warming LOL quotes – made it through difficult treatment for breast cancer.

When you are eventually able to put down this book, please pass it on.  This is a very special book – explaining, soothing, amusing and inspiring – even in the scariest moments of that treatment roller-coaster ride.

Dr Michael Copeman
Oncologist, Sydney Australia